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June 3, 2022
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Are you looking to finally buy a property that you can call your own? It is a great decision to invest in an asset for you and your family provided you make the right choices. As exciting as it is, buying a property is also an exhausting task- whether you are buying a newly constructed property or a previously owned one. Especially with a newly constructed property, you have to monitor the building along with the Builder. On the other hand previously on property comes with all its information, although you have to verify those.

When you have taken the decision to go by your new house or invest in one of the villa projects in Pune, with the Builder or the agent, make sure to not miss any details and do thorough background research. It is best that you double check everything and avoid any risks in an important transaction such as buying property. Let’s make your task easier – here are a few mistakes you want to avoid while buying a property:

Inadequate Research:

The most important and essential steps while buying a property is research. First select a city, then make a list of your preferred localities. The real estate developing authorities and Consultants can give you information regarding the area – future infrastructural development safety sewage water system etc. Then you can physically go and check for yourself if the locality suits you. Depending on how big or small your family is you can then choose the house type.

Listing pros and cons:

Once you shortlisted the houses, list the pros and cons of each to compare. Make sure when you visit the houses personally you talk to your neighbours to get information that is not listed with the authorities, also it builds a rapport with your future neighbours. Check out the basic requirements for living in a place like the market, malls, hospitals, schools, police stations etc.

Do not exceed your budget:

No matter how mesmerizing your house appears to you, keep in mind your budget, to avoid any financial problems in the future. Plan a budget, search for a suitable home loan, and be practical. Because you have to incur further costs apart from the cost of your property, like registration money, buying things for the new house like furniture, living cost, etc. Villas are often costly, however, there are villa projects in Pune that are available in moderate budget that includes Ecostone, and SVB Future City at some of the best locations near Pune.

Incognito costs:

When hiring an agent, or taking professional legal help, make sure you discuss their charges in the very initial stage. Hire an experienced lawyer to help you through the process.

Do not rely on verbal promises:

During your meeting document every conversation you and your seller have to make sure that your dream house is built just the way you wanted to be, and also it clears out any confusion. Usually, you don’t have to do it, your lawyer will document every information necessary for the deal. Any changes that occur in your plan have to be noted down so that you don’t have to pay for anything unnecessary later.

Do not listen to too many people:

”Too many cooks spoil the broth” – everyone will seem to know everything about the property and give you different advice, but stick to your own gut and only listen to professional help. Instead of relying on second-hand information, check out the sites yourself, or look for information on the websites. Friends, family, and relatives may want to help out, but their incomplete information is not reliable. In case you can’t physically visit the places, hire someone trusted to do the research.

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