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June 3, 2022
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Decades ago buying a property was a luxury that only a few could afford. People had to work for years, saving enough money to finally buy any house that fits their budget. There were not too many choices as to what kind of property you like, or in which locality you want it, or availability of other amenities, etc. Eventually in the 1980s, with the coming up of home loans and affordable EMIs, the real estate industry experienced a boom as more and more property became available to people, especially in Metropolitan and Tier 1 cities.

Reiterating to the needs of the consumer’s, builders also started experimenting by offering a value-added lifestyle to the consumers like swim pool gyms clubhouses Italian marble flooring etc. to increase the demand for their products. Soon, consumers started expecting these amenities as a basic part of their standard lifestyle. The transformations that the real estate industry has gone through over the decades, automation has also transformed accordingly for the consumers and the buyers.

Adoption of Home Automation in Indian real estate:

Home automation, although a four-decade-old segment never flourished earlier due to various issues like unaffordable product servicing issues limited functionality and necessity for wiring of appliances. However today with all the technological advancement that has changed, especially the evolution and availability of Smartphones. How we workshop Bank socialize everything is just a touch away. Home automation system has also been redefined – products with enhanced functionality this is integrating with existing Home Automation products are being developed by modern developers. Wi-Fi enabled wireless products based on plug and play model what comprises the new age home automation, making it easy for the consumers to control through their smartphone. Facilities these Home Automation products provide:

  • They are easily manageable and can be controlled from remote locations
  • Motion sensor devices and live feeds provide 24* 7 surveillance
  • Through the planned use of connected appliances, you can save a lot of money
  • Also, you can save electricity by almost 25%

New Age Home Automation:

The new age home automation system is devised mainly keeping in mind the millennial’s and the youngsters who look for projects to invest in which accommodate Home Automation systems. Young home buyers dig the concept of smart homes, as they are the most Technology dependent.

With more innovations and developments in home automation products, New Age Home Automation products cater to all your needs like controlling garbage door, home entry, playing the music system, switching on air conditioners, ordering food – all your chores will be done, on your command or it can be pre-configured.

Especially in senior citizens homes, Home Automation can play a very important role, weather system can be pre-configured to do the course of the elderly and call for medical assistance in case of emergencies.

Voice-enabled devices like Google home and Alexa can be configured with your home automation system. With the growing Technology, Home Automation is a basic need whether you are a consumer or a developer. Instead of taking care of the house let your house take care of you and itself!

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