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June 3, 2022
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The decision of property buying should be dependent purely on the need of an individual and the inherent value of the unit. But some of the tips to ascertain, that where to invest money to get high good returns.

For the property buyer, it will be advantageous to be judicious during the evaluation of offers and schemes, to base the purchase decision solely on the real value of the home. Though the freebies like golds, cars, and household-goods have an undeniable attraction it doesn’t add to the actual value. For the middle-class property buyers, the price of a home is obviously an important consideration, but the cheapest option on the market doesn’t make sense as the quality determines the value. For residential property, the offering quality depends on the aspects viz., location quality, builders brand-value and the availability of the facilities and amenities in the project and unit.

Traditionally, the central locations are costliest due to the accessibility to central business district (CBD) and secondary-business district (SBD). So living in central locations are desirable and very expensive from a real-estate pricing perspective. But this idea is getting changed due to the infotech cultures. Good salary packages are offered by IT/ITeS companies but they are not focused on high-value locations for saving the real-estate costs. So it turns out that many city’s outskirts become very desirable places for home buyers and inexpensive. So buying a home in the peripheral locations connecting an IT-hub/manufacturing-belt makes a perfect sense for IT-professionals and industrial-employees, even the property-investors. So these locations attract all kind of developers and here the brand-value plays a significant role.

In these new growth corridors, a lot of choices are available for home buyers from various housing supplies. But a home is not just an asset but also performs the very critical functions by offering refuge, comfort, and security. So the buyers should look for options where these advantages are provided at a satisfactory level. The branded real estate builders provide these facilities as standard value offering, for their reputation.

Facilities and amenities add values to a property and the present urban lifestyle demands this, due to lots of stress. As per the consequence, our homes cannot be a mere place of refuge but also provide healing and rejuvenation. A clubhouse, swimming pool and children’s park are not considered a luxury, but bare minimum requirements. Projects without such offerings can also found buyers due to less price. In the short-listing prospects of a home purchase, the final selection should ensure that it provides a decent lifestyle and not just an abode.

If one looks from this perspective to the supply of the residential market, the option choices will automatically be narrowed down to a more manageable and comprehensive level. Right home buying is not just for present and future comfort but also about investment growth. So for property investors, homes in good locations, build by reputed developers with good availability of amenities and facilities, will yield better capital appreciation always and potential rental income too.

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