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June 1, 2022
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Difference between traditional and contemporary construction styles varies from man to man. Traditional construction design gets its influence from some historic styles such as neoclassical, colonial, Spanish, or Victorian, whereas contemporary residential design receives its fashion from the modern architecture of the 20th Century. Famous style elements of contemporary style incorporate rectangular or square shapes, sleek lines, minimalistic interior design, and usage of clear panels or heavy glass.


Albeit personal choice is important in residential design, sustainability is one of the vital differences between traditional and contemporary homes. When a conventional home can have features like energy efficiency, maximum modern houses are made with conservation as the primary design element. Presently, architecture is immensely impacted by the eco-friendly design movement and looks for combining environment-friendly components with stylistic elements.


Conventionally designed houses are sometimes environmentally suitable as their design principles can conflict with energy efficiency. As many people have traditional style sense, you cannot always find them decorate their homes with smart devices or modern furniture. For example, a stainless steel apparatus inside a kitchen with wood finishes or warm colours, and solar panels on a classic roof can be a pain for eyes. Often this lets residents of classic homes invest in devices depending on style instead of sustainability. Nevertheless, a more traditionally designed home has space for recycled things. Householders can invest in antique products or refurbished items to decorate their classic house.

Design aesthetics

During the construction process, many modern homes, sustainable tools, and materials are used for the entire appearance, to make a house look elegant and energy efficient. However, modern houses have some stylistic restrictions as well. For instance, in case an eco-friendly green home is constructed with glass, concrete, or recycled metals, its gray colour, and industrial frame won’t be compatible with every kind of interior furnishing. A highly modern house will possibly have very few, minimum furnishing to match its smooth exterior.

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Final Words

In spite of different kinds of tastes and preferences, maximum homeowners like complementary design features which make a purposeful setting instead of a mismatched or incoherent house. Nevertheless, numerous people bothered about conservation. Thankfully, residents can invest in green homes, irrespective of design aesthetics. Energy-saving materials and equipment can be included in any new house or reconstruction project if you take help from innovative and professional designers. With 6 years of experience in building classic and modern houses, SVB Realty can execute your style concepts and sustainability objects. Contact us if you are seeking premium residential solutions in Pune, India.

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