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June 1, 2022
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Being concerned about the fire safety of buildings is not just important for homebuyers but also for builders. You may have witnessed many fire incidents in your metropolitan city in the past few years. A safety plan for a building should start with a robust fire-fighting system. The fire department should take necessitous steps in the case of old buildings. However, in the case of new buildings, developers should follow the legal framework for safety needs. Real estate developers can add value by choosing fire-resistant materials for building constructions, aside from following the rules fixed by civic entities for approvals.

Fire Safety Precautions for Developers

Real estate developers should plan for fire safety processes amid the construction stage. They must make sure that the constructed apartment is compliant, in terms of fire alarm systems and smoke and fire detection systems. Moreover, they should conduct frequent fire audits for abstaining from every type of unwanted incident. Developers should not hide any vital info concerning dangers in the residential premises.

There are some other precautions to make sure that every accident risk is efficiently handled:

  • Residents/developers must make sure the maintenance of fire refuge areas.
  • Make sure no vehicle is parked or any product stored which can prevent the fire-fighting personnel/equipment from entering the premises.
  • Make sure not to overload electrical circuits.
  • Abstain from obstructions in shared walkways.
  • Don’t permit anybody to tamper with sprinkler systems, fire alarms or smoke detectors.
  • Avoid connecting generators to other power sources like power lines. The reverse electric flow could lead to an electrical fire.

So, these fire safety measures should be applied, handled and maintained by builders in emergency situations. There must be many escape routes available if heat, gas or smoke blocks the main route. The builders should also consider providing emergency services to rescue trapped residents by combating the fire.

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Fire Safety Precautions for Homebuyers

If you are buying a home, seek security features before finalising the house. Check whether the building has key security components like automatic sprinklers, fire extinguishers, or emergency fire alarms. These must be maintained by properly trained security guards as well. You can compromise on a flat’s carpet area but not on its security measures.

Make sure to conduct frequent checking of fire-fighting equipment. Ensure the circuit breaker wires are perfectly fit. Also, check whether there is any indication of erosion on insulators and wire padding. Keep all inflammable materials and trash away from the heat-producing kitchen equipment like a stove, furnace, oil burners, etc.

The Bottom Lines

A property builder must ponder safety measures while planning and designing a construction project. Government bodies outline different clauses, in respect of fire safety, which they need to follow. All fire-fighting equipment pieces are helpful, only if they work amid an incident. Thereby, these pieces should be maintained properly.

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